Rear Spider Benz 1921

OEM NO : 346 402 50 04
L.R   CODE: 200111

Wheel Spider iran esfahan

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poroduct Wheel Spider iran

wheel spider benz iran esfahan

The wheel rim to the tire pressure and oil have
Damage or excessive heat may no longer be sufficient, and the contour of the
While maintaining pressure on the tire bead.
Blast assembled wheel spiders /tires can cause serious injury or death.
Immediately and permanently remove from service any wheel spider that has been exposed
The tire pressure and isolated edges or excessive heat.
 Run-flat tires, which have been or may be no other physical damage
After Cantor enough pressure to keep the tire bead.Measure the distance from the bead seat back
 With a tape ball.In the opening round of the bead seat of the rear wheel spider and front wheel in benz should.Checked at every tire change. Open the front of the drive Face. The wide base wheel flange hub, the wheel has insets
Less than 3 inch flanges on both sides.Should be investigated. Each wheel that poroduct in iran or other parts of world must.Inspection before installation. If the nut will seat
Not meet the requirements of TRA Certification Bal.Tapes, disks immediately and permanently removed from service.Ring the lack of proper dimensions and contours can lead to explosive separation of the tire
And edges, causing serious injury or death.Any wheel spider benz that has been in service should be inspected before installation. Following the.Methods described in this section, check the wheel spider inspection
Check all the tires in the tire to fit the contour of the edge of the opening. Place feet tall
Carpenter's square in the center of the drive wheel. Short foot rim flange extends across both
Wheel  spiders. Repeat this process on a four-point gap at the wheel.Both feet should touch the rim flange at any point short. If a distance greater than the thickness of a credit
Cards (0.76 mm or 0.030 in. or watchdog timer) appears between short foot rim flange, the wheel should
Removed from service and will be stopped.Reassemble car wheel without tire. Be sure to follow proper installation procedures
To ensure that well in the center of the wheel is centered. Place a dial indicator as tracking
Wheel spider nut seats. Spin the Wheel.Note: ALCOA aluminum wheel spiders should be test run only in the bead seat radius.Index reading of .030 inch or less is acceptable


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