Rear Spider 9 Blades Seperate

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 create rear Wheel Spider

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Wheel Spider seprate

rear wheel spider iran

Emery flanges at the ends and edges.Wheels spider should be by welding, soldering or other heat trying to fix the software does not change
Or the right of a wheel spider. The use of adapter plates or locking nut on rear Wheels spider not approved.
Wheels spider have been painted or otherwise coated in any way that may be installed, interference
Levels.The wheel shows signs of change should be stopped and removed from service.
Identification wheels must be legible.rear Wheel spiders and front wheel spiders should be taken out of service if it detects
Does not meet federal requirements.Welding, brazing or otherwise heating any area of ALCOA and wheel spider aluminum
Wheels.Wheel spiders are weakening in iran.Weakened or damaged wheels can lead to explosive
Separation or failure of the tires and wheels on the vehicle.Explosive separation of tire and wheel spider, or wheels spider on the vehicle could lead to failure.Horrifying injury or death.
Never attempt welding, brazing or heating the surface of an aluminum wheel spider ALCOA.

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