Front Spider Benz 1921

OEM NO : 620 401 01 03
L.R   CODE: 200106

poroduct Wheel Spider

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Wheel Spider benz

poroduct wheel spider iran esfahan

Wheels spider must be strong enough to support the vehicle and withstand
the forces caused by normal operation. At the same time, they
must be as light as possible, to help keep un-sprung weight to a
The tyre or wheel spider provides a cushion between the vehicle and the road to
reduce the transmission of road shocks. It also provides friction
to allow the vehicle perform its normal operations. Modern tyres
are manufactured from a range of materials. The rubber is mainly
synthetic. This unit will cover the key components associated with
the Wheel spiders and Tyres and the relevant environment, health and not exceed maximum wheel spider load. Customer must compare OEM vehicl load rating to maximum
wheel spider load ratied and inflation pressure which is roll-stamped onto wheel spider per Section 5-6.

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