Front Spider 1921

OEM NO : 346 401 53 03
L.R   CODE: 200105

create Wheel Spider

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Wheel Spider iran

create wheel spider iran

Safe operation requires thorough examination of wheels and attaching hardware, at frequent interval
both on and off vehicle.
Wheels spider that have been in service need to be inspected at regular intervals to assure proper and safe
performance.It is not always possibl to predict the useful life of a wheel spider. Wheels will eventually wear out. But
generally,older wheels spider and wheels operating on extreme conditions should be examined more frequently
for obvious signs that they should be removed from serviceUse the tire or wheel spider manufacturer’s recommended pressure, but under no circumstances exceed
cold tire pressures as listed in Alcoa Wheels Product Spec Guide. Before mounting the tire, perform a
wheel spider fitment check to insure proper clearance from any obstructions.some forms of wheel spider damage can be hidden beneath the tire, so whenever a tire is removed, thoroughly
examine the complete wheel spider. Remove all grease and road dirt. Use a wire brush or steel wool to remove
rubber from the bead seats

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