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Wheel Rim in iran


Custom wheel rim are extremely popular with consumers desiring to personalize their vehicles. They
come in a huge assortment of sizes and styles, and are popular for trucks as well as
passenger vehicles. Custom wheels rim are not only used to enhance the appearance of a vehicle, but,
combined with high performance tires, can significantly alter the ride, handling, and overall
All wheels do the same basic job of supporting the
tire and attaching it to the suspension. In
addition, virtually all of the wheel rim in iran are manufactured out of aluminum alloy. However, there are
major difference between types and manufacturing techniques of wheels. These differences
dictate both co and perfo
Aluminum wheels are constructed in either one piece, two piece, or three piece designs. By far
and away, the most popular is the one wheel rims piece design. It is either cast or forged into one unit. One
piece cast wheels are extremely popular in OE applica
tions and tend to be very cost effective.
However, each wheel must be made for a specific application
Two piece wheels,spacer rim in wheel rims as the name implies, consist of an inner and outer section that are bolted or
welded together. By combining different halves, the of
fset and wheel width can be modified.
Generally, the wheels that are bolted together are of higher quality and precision. They also tend
to be lighter than the one piece.
Three piece iranian wheel rim consist of a center section that determines the bolt pattern, and
two rim flange
sections that determine the rim diameter, width, and offset. These three pieces are bolted together
using high strength bolts and “O” ring seals.spacer rim By using different combinations of the three pieces,
the manufacturer can offer a variety of w
heel sizes without stocking or building an entirely
unique wheel for each application. Three
piece constructions tend to be reserved for the top of the
line wheels where lightweight and strength are a must. Another advantage to three
wheels rims is that a
damaged component, such as a bent rim flange, can be replaced individuality.
Disadvantages are the relatively high cost, periodic checking of the bolt torque, and the
possibility of seal leakage.

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